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BAPs- New Reality Show On Lifetime



Remember the 1997 ghetto comedy “BAPs,” starring Halle Berry and Natalie Desselle-Reid? Well a set of real-life, self-proclaimed Black African Princesses will be headed to your television soon by way of a new nonfiction series on Lifetime.

Aptly titled “BAPs,” the new show will follow Anisha Morell (photo above) and her group of affluent and privileged African American friends in St. Louis who, according to Lifetime “are always dressed to the nines with egos in tow, and aren’t afraid to share their opinions about the men in their lives and about each another.” If you can’t tell already, these ladies are all about competing to be the most successful and most beautiful — which is sure to bind and divide them, a.k.a cause plenty of made-for-TV drama. The series is set to drop this summer but, no official date as of yet.

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