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Child Abuse

Shanesha Taylor May Face Child Abuse Charges Again

A homeless mother in Arizona is once again facing child abuse charges regarding her two children. Shanesha Taylor is facing felony child abuse charges after failing to meet court-ordered requirements. The charges were reinstated by Maricopa County prosecutors after Taylor failed to deposit $60,000 into a trust fund for her children from money raised online…. Read more »

Shanesha Taylor

Shanesha Taylor Regains Custody Of Her Children

We all remember Shanesha Taylor and her tear-stained mug shot after she was arrested for leaving her children in the car as she went for a job interview. And though she faced eight years in prison or two years of probation, if found guilty, Taylor signed a deal to complete a diversion program and all… Read more »

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Felony Charges Filed Against Shanesa Taylor

Wow! No sympathy for Shanesa Taylor…The woman who left her kids in the car while she went on a job interview to better her situation. Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery said Wednesday he will move forward with the felony child- abuse prosecution of Shanesha Taylor, the jobless mom whose Scottsdale arrest has drawn national attention… Read more »

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Update: $63,500 Raised For Homeless Single Mom

This story has gotten so many people to reflect on what they would do if ever put in a situation like, Shanesa Taylor. Emotionally it’s gotten to a lot of us…The single mother left her two children in her car with the windows cracked while she went on a job interview for an insurance company…. Read more »

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$27,000 Raised In Honor Of Shanesa Taylor

I really have mixed feelings about this story…On one hand I understand a mother trying to do everything she can to get her family out of a situation I’m sure no one ever want’s to be in…But, on the other hand you can’t put your children in a dangerous situation to better their lives, it… Read more »