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112 says arrival of Q Mike Slim Daron after 12 years is just perfect


eOne MusicLegendary R&B group 112 is gearing up for the arrival of their first album release in 12 years, titled Q Mike Slim Daron

The quartet tells ABC Radio that their newest studio project couldn’t come at a better time. “It has been 12 years. And I just think the timing of everything, just, it was just perfect,” explains Q

He continues, “We started so young. We started at 18 years old. And to go five albums, celebrating our 21 year anniversary… you grow up, you mature, you have creative differences, you have musical aspirations that you wanna explore, individually.” 

“After our fifth album, we decided to just grant everybody that space, because we had been together all these years, and gave everybody the opportunity to just kind of do what you wanted to do individually.” 

The guys of 112 — currently fresh from touring in Europe and Japan — also reveal that despite their ages, they still can break out some impressive dance moves on the stage and keep up with the rigors of being on the road. 

“Just being over in Amsterdam and being in Germany and being in the UK and then coming back home for eight hours and this is all within a two-week span,” says Mike

He adds, “These kids nowadays, I’m side-tracking for a second, but these young people need to understand. We’re not in our twenties anymore.”

“And we’re still doing choreography. Every night. Over in the UK, along with us, Dru Hill and Ginuwine. 112 still does choreography. 20-year-old choreography.”

Q Mike Slim Daron arrives everywhere October 27.  

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