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112 wants their comeback to bring pride to the A-T-L


eOne Music112 is making a comeback with their first new album in 12 years, and one of their goals is to instill pride in their hometown of Atlanta, Georgia.

Their CD, Q, Slim, Mike and Daron, features Jagged Edge, and they’re thrilled to involve another group from the A-T-L.

“This is really big for Atlanta,” Marvin “Slim” Scandrick tells “You have the two biggest male R&B groups both from Atlanta and people thought we were enemies, but for us, it’s not like [that].”

“Healthy competition is one thing,” he adds. “But at the end of the day we have nothing but love for Jagged Edge, and we knew fans would appreciate this, especially fans here in Atlanta.” 

The group promoted the release of the new album last week with a “112 Takeover” involving a series of events around the city. One of the highlights was a return trip to their alma mater, South Atlanta High School, where they awarded the “112 Music Scholarship” to two graduating seniors. The group was also honored with the school’s Phoenix Award for their success in the music business.

“This is where we started, and it represents who we are,” says Michael Keith. “My grandmother still lives a mile up the road. Q’s family still lives right [in] this neighborhood. My family would always say, ‘No matter how far you go, you always remember you are from here.’”

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