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112’s members don’t really see much of a difference between their music and Chris Brown’s


eOne Music112‘s first album in twelve years, Q Mike Slim Daron, proves that the group, who got their start in the 90s, can still compete with the best of today’s younger R&B stars.   

According to group member Daron, they’ve managed to evolve along with R&B itself.

“I think [R&B] never really left,” Daron tells ABC Radio. “I think people always loved it and if you see a lot of the younger talent that came out, you know like the Chris Browns, the August Alsinas, the Trey Songz, you can still hear that 90’s vibe in there.”

“I think in the 90s we did it and you see ’em kind of doing it now,” he adds. “Like, R&B gets a little bit more rough and rugged.” 

Despite the age difference between 112 and younger R&B acts, Daron says that the group still has more in common with stars like Chris Brown than some of Breezy’s fans might thnk.

“I think with the new artists, they[‘re] starting to kind of talk about the club and the girls and just being a little bit more abrasive than we did, but I don’t really see much of a difference,” says Daron. 

“It seems different, but it’s just a newer generation expressing themselves kind of the same way that we did.” 

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