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13 Year Old Kills Self After Dad Shamed Her On Social Media


According to, when Izabel Laxamana was 12-years-old, she shared on social media how she got through tough times at school.  We sometimes forget that our kids are facing issues that appear insurmountable to them.

As the adults, we tend to downplay the significance of what would embarrass a child; after all, we’ve all had those moments and remember the saying, “what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”

Unfortunately one father today knows this is not always the case. And he’s got to be in his own private hell right now.

His 13 year old daughter Izabel committed suicide last week and it might be in large part to something he did.

The Tacoma, Washington girl, who had just celebrated a birthday, got out of a car on May 29 and jumped off a highway overpass days after her father posted a video showing him punishing her for “getting messed up” by cutting her hair.

The original video has been taken down but one of her friends copied it on her smartphone and shared it.

On the tape you can hear a man, presumably her dad, saying:

“The consequences of getting messed up…Man, you lost all that beautiful hair. Was it worth it?”

She responds meekly: “No.”

How many times did I warn you?

“A lot.”

Some people feel he should be criminally prosecuted or publicly shamed himself.

It’s easy for parents to get fired up when our children do things we don’t agree with but whether it’s a Baltimore mom hitting her child in public for being at a protest or a father giving his son  the “George Jefferson” cut for acting up in school, here’s a good example of why public shaming might not be a good idea.

Look at the potential consequences. It’s just not worth it.

Do you agree with this kind of punishment?  Would you punish your child or grandchild this way?

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