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A Messy Love Triangle: Attorney, His Client and His Judge Wife


This is a “SHM” moment because I’m shaking mine.

According to ALLEGEDLY it looks like a New Orleans lawyer, his wife along with a federal judge has some explaining to do.
The husband has been accused of cheating on his wife with one of his clients. People cheat all the time, with their co-workers, pizza delivery person and/or family members,
so why is this making news?

The client is being represented by the attorney she is having an affair with and the judge (the attorney’s wife) who is now believed to have motive to fulfill prosecutor’s requests.

This is turning into a mess for federal prosecutors who are trying to untangle it. Magistrate Judge Karen Wells Roby, her husband, attorney Clarence Roby and his client,
businesswoman Lisa Crinel are linked due to Crinel being the subject of a federal investigation into Medicare fraud.

She’s been accused of stealing $30 million dollars from the government via fraudulent Medicare charges towards her home health care company.

The “love triangle” was uncovered by accident; after the judge was asked by federal prosecutors to sign off on search warrants for Crinel’s business.

Prosecutors think she knows more. They believe she knew about her husband’s affair, which gave her motive to sign off on search warrants.

After all this came out, the client then sued her attorney for violating professional conduct and committing “legal malpractice”. She’s asking for $1 million dollars in damages.

How do you think this mess will turn out?

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