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Abbott plans to have 4 million Coronavirus Antibody test kits shipped by the end of April


The coronavirus antibody test kit detects the presence of the virus, which can help support the development of vaccines and let public officials understand how widespread the outbreak is, the company said. Texas Governor, Greg Abbott, announced on Wednesday that the company that has the antibody test kits are applying for Emergency Use Authorization with the FDA for a new laboratory-based antibody blood test. The company said it will begin shipping Thursday and intends to have 4 million tests in laboratories by April and 20 million by June. The use of these tests would help with finding a vaccine and also to get a better understanding of the virus to prevent it from spreading even more. “It’s really about the who, what, where, when, how,” she said. “We hope to learn who develops antibody, whether people who have mild or no symptoms at all can develop antibodies, when they’re developed, how long they last, how powerful they are. All of that is going to be critically important information to help us fight this virus moving forward.”

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