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Alicia Keys and Frank Ocean want to reward people who vote


ABC/Ida Mae AstuteNumerous music stars are urging people to go to the polls today. Alicia Keys wants to recognize those who vote with some social media exposure, while Frank Ocean has gifts for voters in four Southern cities. 

Keys is offering to post photos of her fans voting on her Instagram story.

“I need y’all to send me a picture of you at the polls rocking out. Partying. Doing your thing,” Alicia says in a video. “Just hashtag vote with us so I can find you. Put you all in my story. As many as I can fit I’m putting in my story to celebrate us.”

The 15-time Grammy winner is also excited to see so many females and African-Americans on ballots across the country.

“I’m proud right now ‘cause there’s so many women running. So many people of color running. It’s incredible,” she adds. “Stacy Abrams in Georgia. Andrew Gillum in Florida. Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona. A new woman that I’ve recently discovered that is running for Attorney General of New York, Letitia James. I mean, we are out here. So it’s changing. Things are evolving. Things are happening.”

Meanwhile, Frank Ocean announced on his Tumblr page that he’s offering free merchandise to people who vote in Atlanta, Dallas, Houston and Miami. The merch will be available at one store in each city for those who bring proof that they voted. 

Ocean chose those cities because he’s supporting Stacy Abrams for Governor in Georgia, Andrew Gillum for governor in Florida, and Beto O’Rourke for senator in Texas. 

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