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Alicia Keys: I’ll win The Voice season 14 with my killer, maniacal team


Art Streiber/NBCThe Voice returns for the season 14 premiere tonight, and after taking a season off, Alicia Keys has no doubt a contestant from her team will win again, just as Chris Blue did in season 12.

“I feel so confident,” she says. “I just feel really great about the whole process. I believe I understand it so much better now so that gives me just a calmness. It’s all about the passion for me,” she continues. “It’s all about the dedication and its definitely about songs. It’s definitely about bringing out the best in the individual because everybody is different.”

Of course, Alicia has a new team this time around, but she feels her new artists have the same championship qualities that Blue did.

“I just want to show America how killer my team is cause my team is pretty maniacal, like seriously,” she says. “They are so good so I just plan to keep showcasing them as the artists that they are.”

After 17 years as an elite recording artist who has won 15 Grammy Awards, Keys is very excited about sharing her experience with her protégés.

“I feel like I have a real team of artists that America is gonna fall in love with,” Keys says, “so all I have to do is take all the knowledge that I know, all the passion that I have, all the drive and the information, and keep turning it up. That’s what I plan to do. I think it is really going to be really hard for the other coaches.” 

Season 14 of The Voice debuts tonight at 8 pm, 7 pm Central, on NBC.

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