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Alicia Keys Mixes Personal and Political on Her New Album, Here


RCA RecordsAlicia Keys‘ new album, Here, arrives in stores and on digital platforms everywhere Friday, and fans of the artist may soon recognize a mix both personal and political influences within each track, like “Holy War,” Keys explains to USA Today

“The idea was ‘if war is holy and sex is obscene, then we have it twisted. But what is sex was holy and war was obscene, what if it was that?’,” she asks. 

The newly released single is an example of the musician’s revamped image — bare and carefree. Keys declares that with her new album, she feels “1000% here” in her skin and in the world.  

“I’m grateful I’ve come to a place where I can be vulnerable and honest and raw and myself and talk about it and not hold back and not make it perfect and pretty,” she says. 

“As you grow and become wiser, I don’t think you feel the need to become so concerned with things because you’re in your zone.” 

And with her role as a judge on NBC’s The Voice, the Grammy winner seems just as concerned in helping other artists find their rightful place in the world where they can equally thrive. 

“It’s so beautiful to be able to share what I know and what I’ve learned with people who are so committed and so dope. I am the people’s artist. I’m here to represent the struggles of life and hopefully put word to it in a way that helps us all get up another day and keep trying,” Alicia declares. 

Here will be available to purchase, stream and download today.  

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