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Alicia Keys Shares Fears About Running 2015 New York City Marathon


Trae Patton/NBC

As she continues training for the 2015 TCS New York City Marathon, Alicia Keys is sharing her biggest fears about the daunting 26.2 mile run.

In her newest blog post for Refinery29, Alicia reveals that self-doubt was her main concern. “Honestly, the thought of ‘What if I don’t finish?’ comes up. But I’ve done a marathon before, so I’m pretty confident I will,” she writes.

After revealing her worries about having her toenails fall off or peeing herself during her run, Keys just hopes she will be 100 percent healthy. “Then, there’s my ankle. I sprained it about eight weeks ago while playing soccer with the kids, so that’s in the back of my mind. But so far, so good (in case you were worried),” she says.

Overall, though, Alicia is staying mentally prepared. “I’m the kind of person who doesn’t admit to having fears,” she explains. “I’m not really worried. Well, maybe just a little. But then, I remember this quote [by Jack Canfield]: ‘Everything you want is on the other side of fear.'”

Alicia will be running to support her Keep a Child Alive Foundation, when the marathon takes place on Sunday, November 1.

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