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‘All American’ star Michael Evans Behling explains how he stays in character during intense scenes


Tina Thorpe/The CW Actor Michael Evans Behling is back on set filming season three of The CW’s All American.

On the high school sports drama, Behling plays quarterback Jordan Baker, the son of coach Billy Baker, played by Taye Diggs. Jordan’s role is filled with complexity and deep-rooted family issues, which play out in some of the show’s most “intense” scenes.

Behling tells ABC Audio, “as intense as the scenes get, you just got to remember, this is a scene…this is a job.”

He recalls episode two of last season where his character Jordan was punched in the face during a fight at a local food spot. He describes it as a “highflying scene” with his co-star Hunter Clowdus, who plays JJ, jumping over the table to help him. 

“I remember episode two where Jordan gets into a fight at The Hangout and that dude punches him. And then [JJ] jumps off the table [and] saves the day. That was a highflying scene,” he says. “That was a hot scene.”

On how he maintains his composure in between such intense scenes, Behling says, “Music is probably the best thing to use, for me at least.”

“So after that scene was over, [I] put the headphones in, walk around, [and] decompress, unless we needed to do it again and then, you kind of stay in it,” he adds. “It just kind of helps me as an actor to stay in that headspace. So it’s just about being able to find that balance of what works best for you and I feel like music is probably the best thing for me.” 

Deadline reports All American will return for season three on Monday, January 18, 2021 on The CW.

By Rachel George
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