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André 3000 looks back on Hey Ya video, talks new design venture


Paul R. Giunta/FilmMagicIt’s been fourteen years since Outkast released their hit single, “Hey Ya!” 

And while fans remember André 3000’s exuberant performance in the song’s video, he tells GQ Style that he was actually “really nervous” shooting the clip — which, as he recalled, completely turned him off to the experience.

He says, “In the ‘Hey Ya’ video, I didn’t make that s*** up like a routine or anything. They were just like, ‘Go!’ And I’m like, ‘All right. F***.’ And of course that’s what people responded to. And I hated it.”  

Now, post-“Hey Ya!” success and a hiatus from the music industry, André is back with a plenty of creative ideas, one of them being his own line of Anita Baker t-shirts. 

He tells GQ Style that the idea for his fashion designs came from a previous “Anita Baker phase” in which he began buying bootleg t-shirts with the legendary singer’s face printed on them. 

“I go on the Internet and I find this site that had shirts with photos of Anita on them,” he begins. 

“I felt bad about it, because it’s like, I know Anita ain’t got s*** to do with these shirts. I’m an artist, and I’m buying bootleg shirts of another artist, so I felt bad.”

“I started thinking, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to design a line of Anita Baker tees and present the line to Anita? Maybe she needs some merch.'”   

And if Anita says no to the idea, Andre says that it would be just “fine.” 

“There’s no way to lose here,” he adds. 

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