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Anthony Hamilton reveals the secrets to his powerful voice: chewing gum, time off the phone


LeAnn MuellerAnthony Hamilton is known for his powerful voice, and one of the secrets to his success is something very simple: gum.

“I chew really, really strong Mentos gum,” he said during a recent vocal health clinic in Washington, D.C. presented by Musicares and the Recording Academy.

The Grammy-winner said he makes sure having the gum in his dressing room is required in his contract.

Hamilton also said avoiding unnecessary phone conversations helps preserve his voice.  “You don’t notice how much empty conversations we have on the phone just to be, just to be on the phone for the sake of just connecting with somebody,” he commented.

The crooner from Charlotte, North Carolina has experienced severe throat problems, and not talking is part of the remedy.  “I bruised my vocal cord not long ago,” he recalls. “It wasn’t as bad the first time I did it was maybe thirteen years ago. Now taking that time — just silence, quiet, it really helps out a lot.”   

Regarding food, Hamilton avoids dairy products, but he does eat before performing to avoid a hollow feeling in his stomach.

After a show, Hamilton admits he’ll take a shot of whiskey to aid his vocal cords, saying, “I like to pour a little Jameson on it.”

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