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Ari Lennox freaks out after Lakeith Stanfield asks her out on a date on Instagram Live


Eva ZarSome people are using their COVID-19 quarantine time to form love connections on social dating apps. But others, like actor Lakeith Stanfield, decided to take his shot at Ari Lennox on Instagram Live in front of Ari’s 2k+ viewers. 

Ari was minding her business, self-quarantining at home like most and learning how to make beats when The Photograph actor tuned into her Instagram Live session. During one of her casual rants about music, politics or her lackluster love life, Ari praised the loving film although she went to see it at the movies with no date. 

“I was just sitting there shedding tears, thinking of my g****** love life and how its exceedingly non-existent, how it’s just a pitiful mess,” Ari said in a video clip obtained from a Dreamville fan page. “So thanks, a lot,” she said while sipping a glass of wine. 

Not long after, Stanfield hopped into the comments to address the Dreamville singer. “Can you b my date? Let’s go,” he wrote.

Ari started freaking out after she saw the comment, saying, “Lakeith I don’t have time for this right now. Wait, you’re joking?!” 

Ari then nervously changes the subject, showing off newly purchased instruments for her home studio. Although she tries, she can’t hold it together, still in disbelief that Stanfield asked her out.

“What the hell is this even called. I don’t even know how to say anything right now,” she said. 

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