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Artist Pierre Jean-Louis Continues to Celebrate Black Beauty


A self-taught artist with talent to spare, 26-year old Pierre Jean-Louis continues to dazzle with his comic works of magnificence!   He grew up watching his dad — the legendary Haitian painter Bonaventure Jean-Louis paint everyday. 

The young Jean-Louis was always found with sketching pencil, and has become revered world-wide for his beautiful art incorporating mother nature with beautiful flowers & the beauty of all women.   Pierre has been diligently working on creating his own brand of beautiful paintings using different types of media. He adds elements and influential objects of his past and present to each piece.  His works celebrating Black woman and their natural hair continues to dazzle! 

Known as pierre_artista on his social media platforms, he committed to his craft, saying “I’m just an #Artist with no plan B, cause either I succeed at this or I will die trying.”

For the collection below Jean-Pierre took Instagram photos of women celebrating their natural hair and turned them into cosmic masterpieces.  Jean-Louis told BoredPanda, “A lot of [black women] are brainwashed to not appreciate their natural beauty,”

Pierre told Bored Panda, in part “I saw so many black queens who feel comfortable enough and proud to show their African heritage so I decided to start this series to let them know how much I appreciate them and their natural beauty. We see nothing but #strong #Goddesses & #queens thank you.”

Photos of Pierre Jean-Louis himself are scarce on the online, but his works of art are seen on several platforms.

His inspiration comes from the beauty of the world and God’s marvelous creations.

Check out Pierre Jean-Louis’s website … on Instagram pierre_artista … and Facebook.

(Source: BoredPanda)

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