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Mo’Nique is a Little Attitudey Again


Ummmm??  Did you know that “Whoopi Goldberg has always been the help“?   Seems
comedian/actress Mo’Nique is now letting the world know what she thought about comments
Whoopi Goldberg made to her on The View last year when the Precious actress was calling for a boycott of Netflix.
At the time Mo’Nique was all up in arms over the entertainment platform’s less than stellar offer to do a comedy special.   She appeared on The View to talk about. On the show Goldberg said, “I said you had called me I could’ve schooled you on what was expected.”
Well, fast forward to a couple of days ago, when Mo’Nique, during an interview with Vulture recalled that statement and went further saying,Whoopi Goldberg has always been the help.

“When you have a woman saying, ‘I could have schooled you,’ someone would say, ‘What was the schooling going to be?’ When I look at this woman you say is our icon and our legend — she is, but, how many things has Whoopi Goldberg executive produced? Whoopi Goldberg has always been the help, and I say that humbly. So what is it that you’re going to school me on? I’ve been doing it for almost 30 years.”

We know folks are still a little salty over Whoopi and Ted Danson’s blackface stunt years ago but …. Lawwwwwwd!

Apparently they talked more back stage.  Read more here.


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