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Attorney announces lawsuit against Usher at press conference; alleged female victim comes forward


ABC/Fred WatkinsAt a press conference Monday in New York City, attorney Lisa Bloom announced she’s filed a lawsuit against R&B superstar Usher Raymond on behalf of three people who claim the singer failed to warn them that he may have had the herpes virus before engaging in sexual intercourse with them.  

Usher has yet to respond to the individuals’ allegations. 

During the conference, Bloom, who’s representing all three plaintiffs — two women and one man — said that “only a medical test” can either prove or disprove their claims.  

“News reports can be wrong,” she said. “But if Mr. Raymond is negative, by allowing this story to go unrebutted for weeks on end, he has caused many people to be concerned about their reproductive health.”  

Bloom added, “We hope that he has now unknowingly endangered his sex partners, fans who revered him and who were thrilled to receive his personal attention.” 

One of Usher’s alleged victims, Quantasia Sharpton, also stepped forward to speak at the press conference.  

Though declaring she didn’t contract the herpes virus from Usher, she said she was “was upset by the reports” because she “would have never consented” to having sex with the singer at the age of 19 if she’d known he had herpes.  

“I would not have taken a risk of getting an incurable disease. My health is very important to me,” Quantasia explained.  

“Especially now that I am a mother. I feel like my rights were violated.” 

She added, “I’m speaking out today on behalf of myself and others. Some of whom are positive and are embarrassed to speak out publicly. I am doing this so that he does not do this to anyone else.”  

The other two alleged victims, known as Jane Doe and John Doe, are remaining anonymous for now. 

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