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Feds Arrest Rapper

Feds Arrest Rapper Who Bragged About Unemployment Benefits

Uh oh…Fed arrested rapper Nuke Bizzle was arrested after he appeared in a video flashing lots of cash and bragging about defrauding the government to get unemployment benefits.  What also crazy about this is he is accused of stealing $1.2 Million in benefits.  Who steals money that by the way could be used by some… Read more »

50 Cent

50 Cent Signs Three-Film Deal to Produce Horror Movies

50 Cent is getting out of his comfort zone for real.  According to the Hollywood Reporter, 50’s G-Unit Film and Television is partnering with Eli Roth’s Art’s District Entertainment production company to create 3 horror films.  Now 50 is one who always pushes the envelope so I’m sure he will make horror films that will… Read more »

LeBron James Gives Daughter A House For Her Birthday

Some of us were lucky to have doll houses when we were six-but an actual house? Okay, maybe if your dad is LeBron James. The Lakers star shared a video on social media of his daughter’s early birthday present. His daughter, Zhuri, turns 6 on October 22nd. It’s no mansion, of course, but it IS… Read more »

Diddy Launched Black Political Party To Get Out Vote

Diddy has just kicked off a new political party aimed at Black voters to “help advance a political agenda that addresses the needs of Black people.” But there will be no Our Black Party candidate running in the 2020 presidential election. Instead, according to the rapper in a series of tweets, “The NUMBER ONE priority is to… Read more »

Some Restaurants Are Letting Employees Off To Vote

Employees at several restaurant chains across the US are getting time off to vote this election year. Those who work for the Colorado-based Noodles & Co will get an hour paid, while staffers at Cava get two. Sweetgreen is offering three hours of paid time off on Election Day or for early voting. Those at corporate-owned Yum!… Read more »