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Quiet Storm Slow Jam Of The Night ~ “He’s Mine”

So who remembers the group Mokenstef?? Their big hit back in the 1990’s was a smooth possessive jam called “He’s Mine.” The group consisted of Monifa, Kenya and Stefanie which is how they got the name Mokenstef… “He’s Mine” is a song that is still played on Adult R&B radio all over the country in… Read more »

Lights On, Dim Lights OR No Lights?

So when it’s time to get intimate we all like certain things!  Some of us like soft music, while others like the sounds of nature.  I had a conversation early with a female co-worker of mine and she talked about how guys are so visual.  I agreed and that got me thinking about our Quiet… Read more »

Stevie J will represent himself in his child support case

Stevie J Will Represent Himself in His Child Support Case

Stevie J will represent himself in his child support case. No, Stevie doesn’t have experience as a lawyer but he wants to fight the $1.3 million judgement against him. What happened to his lawyer? He quit because Steebie doesn’t have chance to win. Whoa! LOL Read more here.