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Aretha Franklin’s Will Reveals Son’s Father

You may have heard that three Will’s have been found at the home of legendary performer Aretha Franklin but you may not know that new details emerged that reveal the father of her oldest son Clarence. The Queen of Soul’s Estate is reportedly worth $80 million and all of her asset are to divided equally… Read more »

Chris Brown Summoned To Paris For Rape Accusation

Chris Brown has been summoned back to Paris to face the woman accusing him of rape. The woman wants to quiz him about the events that took place that night and look him in his eyes; it is her right. Chris also has rights; he does not have to go. There is no extradition treaty… Read more »

Surprise, Surprise… It’s #44!!

It was quite a surprise for a group of kids attending an after school program in D.C. Thursday.  Dozens of kids were at the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy when low-and-behold,  former Commander-in-Chief, #44 showed up out of the blue. The kids were elated to see former President Barack Obama show up on the baseball field… Read more »

[VIDEO] Nene Leakes Confronted by Fan Who Calls Her ‘Rude’!

Can you say, “More Drama!”  Well, that seems to be the case for  Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes who was involved in verbal altercation with an apparent ‘disgruntled’ fan. Of course someone had whipped out the trusty celly and captured it all on video. It happened at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International when a woman walked up to Leakes… Read more »

Dallas Church: Stop Living In Sin We’ll Pay For Your Wedding

Concord Church here in Dallas has a proposal of sorts for unmarried couples in its congregation who are living together, “Stop living together and we will pay for your wedding.” Pastor Bryan Carter said the church will pay for cake, gown, church even one month’s rent for the new couple.  There is one catch, you… Read more »