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Azealia Banks questions Lady Gaga’s allegiance to R. Kelly, goes on new Twitter rant


Cassandra Hannagan/Getty ImagesAzealia Banks may have squashed her longstanding beef with fellow rapper Iggy Azalea, but it looks like a feud with pop icon Lady Gaga is just heating up. 

The “212” artist wrote a slew of tweets this Monday in response to Gaga’s work relationship with R. Kelly.  

Kelly was recently accused of brainwashing young women into sexual slaves as their cult leader, but he’s since denied those allegations.  

On Twitter, Azealia stated in a now-deleted message captured by, “Is Gaga going to speak on behalf of this or … is she okay with collaborating with him yet again after proving he’s a trash individual?”  

She then goes on to write, “She said I have ‘a bad attitude’ … how about this man has actually been videotaped peeing on a fourteen year old?” 

She also adds, “The girls in rkellys basement don’t matter to her. It’s a bigger conversation about how these pop stars can micro manage your aggressions [sic] and have you mad about s*** you don’t even need to be.”

“Once a self proclaimed white feminist with as much socio-economic leverage as these huge pop stars say I’m undeserving of opportunities. Only to then turn around and be selective with their outrage it’s an issue. Because they have influence.” 

A 2013 video of Lady Gaga talking to fans shows the singer-songwriter saying, “she’s got a bad attitude,” but she doesn’t state who she’s exactly talking about.  

A number of followers still believe that it’s Azealia, who was supposed to appear on Gaga’s 2013 Artpop album for a song called “Red Flame.”  

That track, instead, leaked online.  

However, R.Kelly and Gaga collaborated on a single called “Do What U Want,” which appears on Artpop and received favorable reviews at the time of its release.  

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