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Beyoncé dancer says the singer’s switching up a couple things ahead of second Coachella performance


Larry Busacca/Getty Images for CoachellaFans who are lucky enough to have tickets to see Beyoncé‘s second Coachella performance this weekend will be enjoying a slightly different show than the one audiences saw during the first weekend.  

One of Bey’s dancers, Jo’Artis Mijo Ratti, tells Variety, “Yeah, we’re switching up a couple things, so there could still be a wow factor.”

Ratti also talks about the preparation that went into the icon’s historic Coachella appearance.

“You can always tell when someone is prepared. We did like 10-to-14 hour days. Some jobs you might chill — craft services, read a book, hop on your phone — for a couple hours, but not while we were there [with Beyoncé],” he says.

Ratti continues, “We were getting put to use with ideas, fitting, wardrobe, video blocking. It could be really overwhelming, but luckily, it wasn’t my first rodeo.”   

He also says that Bey’s hubby JAY-Z was there for Coachella rehearsals, adding, “I never thought that I would be at rehearsals busting a move, and JAY-Z is out here hyping me up.” 

As for Beyoncé herself, Ratti says that she was “like an auntie” during the whole rehearsal process. 

He also describes the celebrity as “super-kind and very particular about what she wants.”

“It made me do even better because I understand that she’s a real artist,” he reveals. 

“She’s not just letting somebody take over her vision.” 

Beyoncé is the first black women to headline Coachella. 

She’s scheduled to return for her second performance at the music festival Saturday, April 21.   

Sadly, unlike her previous Coachella appearance, Variety reports that that this weekend’s performance will not be available for fans to livestream. 

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