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Beyonce Flosses with Blue Ivy…Literally


Beyonce and Blue Ivy are flawless even when handling the most mundane of tasks, like flossing.

The singer posted a new GIF on Instagram of her and her three-year-old daughter with floss picks in their mouths, while wearing matching round shades — and yes, Blue even throws up the peace sign.

However, it doesn’t seem like Bey is simply promoting dental hygiene, especially since a chopped-and-screwed song can be heard in the background. The tune also features Jay Z’s ad libs while a woman repeatedly sings “flossin'” to the bouncy beat.

Many believe the track could be the first offering from Bey and Jay’s rumored joint album, which producer Detail alluded to during a Grammys red carpet interview with Billboard. “When you think of Jay and Bey together, you think ‘album.’ You should already know,” he said of what could be the pair’s first collaborative album.

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