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Beyoncé lavishes Reese Witherspoon with the entire Ivy Park collection


Jean Catuffe/GC ImagesIf Reese Witherspoon wasn’t a part of the Beyhive before, she most certainly is a card carrying member now. 

On Wednesday, The Morning Show star gushed on Instagram about an amazing gift she received from Beyoncé

“You guys, somebody told me that a big package is arriving,” Narrates a confused Witherspoon as she walks down her driveway.  “I don’t know what it is… let’s go see!”

The Legally Blonde actress is then seen shoving comically large bright orange cart toward her house while huffing “oh my gosh!”  

The Witherspoon matriarch, Betty Reese walks into frame to ponder what’s in the “big orange box,” and helps her daughter unsnap the buttons to find out, which they initially guess that there’s art, balloons, or some type of vehicle inside.

Once Witherspoon unsnaps an entrance, she creeps inside just as Beyoncé’s “Formation” begins playing in the background.   

The 43-year-old then emerges, triumphant, wearing authentic and extremely comfy looking Ivy Park gear, a beanie, a creme-colored oversized sweater, and matching cranberry leggings and sneakers.  Of course, that’s not all that’s inside the orange box, as Witherspoon proceeds to model a rack-full of clothes.

The montage is made all the more comical as the Big Little Lies star dances excitedly and poses dramatically as she adorns different outfits, ranging from workout attire to a sultry form-fitting dress.

Witherspoon then postulates, “Does this officially make me the newest member of the #Beyhive?”  

Fans and friends were quick to agree, even stating that she’s practically been invited to join the club.

“Omg What!!!” Actress Brie Larson shrieked in two separate comments, “I’m coming over.”  Kate Hudson and Natalie Portman also praised Witherspoon’s new wardrobe.

However, with daughter Ava Phillippe living under the same roof, that Ivy Park collection could disappear very quickly.

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