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Beyonce Shares New, Longer Teaser-Trailer for Lemonade


Buda Mendes/Getty ImagesShe teased it for the first time Saturday morning with a 20-second video she dropped without warning.  Now Beyonce’s shared a longer teaser for Lemonade, her still unspecified project with HBO.  And judging from the tone and the content, it looks – well, pretty damn strange.

Like the first teaser, the central image is still a single shot of Beyonce, leaning against a car in a parking garage with her face hidden.  Now, however, the video also includes nearly two dozen separate video snippets – some of them featuring Beyonce in different settings, some featuring unknown others, and many of them shots of different locations, including what appear to be basements, a burning hallway, a distant shot of a thunderstorm – a bizarre, surreal series of images that could easily be a trailer for a new show titled American Horror Story: Beyonce’s Hotel.

There’s also more of Beyonce whispering  as the images play, phrases including “The past and the present merge to meet us here…What are you hiding?…Why can’t you see me?…You’re the love of my life…”The video ends with Beyonce asking, “What am I doing, my love?  Pull me in, pull me in, pull me in.”  It then slam-cuts to black, with the word “Lemonade” displayed, followed by “A World Premiere Event” and the airdate and time — Saturday, April 23 at 9:00 p.m.

Beyonce, of course, has enjoyed dropped unannounced new projects since she did it with her self-titled album over two years ago.  So far, there’s still no comment on Lemonade from her or HBO.

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