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Beyonce Throws Shade at Another Destiny’s Child Member


Is Beyonce the queen of shade? That seems to be the question many fans are asking now that a second vintage interview has surfaced online that seems to capture the singer throwing shade at another member of Destiny’s Child.

In the newly surfaced clip, which was posted on Vine, Beyonce is seen sitting next to former band mate Farrah Franklin, who was only in the group for five months before getting kicked out. “When push came to shove I was able to sing and dance,” the singer says as Beyonce gives her a sideways glance.

Last month, Beyonce quickly became a trending topic after a video surfaced online in which the diva made a suggestive facial expression when Kelly Rowland introduced herself as the foursome’s “second lead vocalist” during an interview.

Yonce also made headlines for cropping Rowland out of an Instagram picture while paying tribute to the late Aaliyah. A few weeks later, she also cropped Franklin and Michelle Williams out of a beach picture posted on her Instagram account.

In other Beyonce news, her latest self-titled album rises from #7 to #4 on the Billboard 200 chart, selling an additional 48,000 copies — up 26 percent in the wake of Valentine’s Day gift shopping.

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