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Beyoncé Wins Copyright Infringement Case overXO


Columbia Records

Beyonce has won a copyright infringement case regarding her anthem “XO.”

According to the New York Daily News, the singer has dodged a $7.1 million lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court by singer Ahmad Javon Lane, who claimed that Bey’s 2013 hit was a rip off of his own “XoXo” that he shared with one of her backup dancers in 2013. A federal judge dismissed the claim against Beyoncé finding no “substantial similarity” between the works.

“To be sure, both songs are directed toward a romantic interest. But beyond that, they diverge. ‘XOXO”s lyrics are explicitly sexual, while ‘XO”s are substantially more tame and metaphorical,” the judge wrote.

The judge also mentioned the songs sounded completely different musically and that themes were vastly different. “An appreciative fan would term Lane’s track seductive and personal, and Beyoncé’s track joyous and uplifting,” he concluded.

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