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Beyonce’s Dance Skills Inspire New Meme


Nick Farrell/Sony Music

Beyonce is known for her impressive choreography, and now it apparently has inspired a hilarious meme.

Over Memorial Day weekend, fans used their editing skills to illustrate the trending hashtag #BeyonceAlwaysOnBeat with clips of Queen Bey dancing, soundtracked not by her original songs but by different songs of various genres. In various clips, we see Beyonce grooving to Hezekiah Walker’s gospel tune “Sold Out,” Missy Elliott‘s “Lose Control” with Ciara, Juvenille‘s “Back That A** Up,”  and even her Destiny’s Child band mate Michelle Williams“Say Yes.”

Twitter user Kendall Gaines, who uses the Twitter hand @MascotMY_Tweets, is credited with starting trending topic last Saturday.

“I noticed a couple of months back that Beyonce just so happened to match so many songs!” Gains told Pedestrian. “But I finally decided to execute my idea to the Twitter world. I did not expect this to be this big at all!”

While Beyonce herself has yet to acknowledge the meme, Gains added: “I would literally die if Beyonce mentioned it. I’ve loved her for so long, all I want [is] for her to acknowledge it. I’ll be so grateful, she’s Queen in my eyes.”

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