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Big Bank Targets Women & Minorities for Small Business Loans


KRNB – Often timess, women, minority and veteran-owned small businesses have a large time getting business loans.  But, thanks to a new program they are getting a boost by one large banking institution as JP Morgan Chase & Co. steps up to up to fill the void.  Jenn Piepszak, CEO of Business Banking says, “Because it is not only good for the economic health of the community, but it’s also good business.”

Also see how a Chase helped a female trio in Detroit with a $6.5 million dollar loan… and a woman in Fort Worth grow her homeless shelter for women.

They are freeing up $150-million over the next 5 years to support women, minority and veteran-owned small businesses.  According to their website, JP Morgan Chase is committed to this sector.

“With small business growing fastest among people of color, particularly Latinas and African American women, it’s essential to help them get started and growing. When small businesses succeed, our communities and neighborhoods succeed.”

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(Source:  Grants for Women)




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