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Bobbi Kristina’s Story Isn’t Over Yet: People Are Gonna Want Answers



The death on Sunday of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown‘s only child, Bobbi Kristina Brown has closed a chapter, but the story is far from over, says Essence Entertainment Director Cori Murray.

“No, it isn’t. I mean, on one hand, there’s no more suffering for Bobbi Kristina, but on the other hand there are tons of questions that still need to be answered, why this 22-year-old girl has left us,” she tells ABC Radio.

Although preliminary autopsy results from the Fulton County Georgia Medical Examiner on Monday did not reveal an obvious cause of death, and no significant injuries were found,  the Fulton County District Attorney’s investigation into Bobbi Kristina’s passing remains open.  Murray says that people want to know the truth about what led to Kristina being found face-down in her bathtub back in January.

“I think a number of people are gonna want answers,” she says, given Whitney Houston’s stardom. “This is not something that will be swept under the rug.  Ultimately will this have been a homicide? You know, those are the things we’re gonna need to know and I think the public is gonna demand that.”

Murray also addressed the rumors that Brown’s partner, Nick Gordon, was somehow involved.  “You’re relieved that the pain is gone, but what happened? What went on in that townhouse? What was their relationship like?” Murray says. “I mean, there’s just so many unanswered questions that we all need answers to.”

She adds that Bobbi Kristina never truly recovered from Whitney’s own death.  “This was something that, you know, just seemed to haunt her a bit. You know, losing her mother and losing her mother publicly — while most people can grieve privately, she had to grieve with everyone,” she says. “And in the way she lost her mother…I think this wasn’t inevitable, I think it’s just ultimately really sad.”

While Murray predicts that Bobbi Kristina eventually would have “found her place in the spotlight,” she says her death is doubly sad because for many, she was seen as the last remaining link to Houston herself.

“It’s so heartbreaking because everyone loved Whitney so much. Whitney was all of our favorite singer. To see her battle her demons like she did and ultimately lose that battle with those demons, so yes, and here it is her one and only child who didn’t get to fulfill her legacy,” she says. “I think that’s what kind of really makes this painful, that Bobbi Kristina couldn’t live out her days.”

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