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Bobby Brown on reliving Bobby Kristina’s death for ‘The Bobby Brown Story’: I wasn’t able to sit through them filming that


BETThe two-part Bobby Brown Story premieres tonight on BET, and for the “Don’t Be Cruel” singer, the scenes depicting the death of his daughter, Bobbi Kristina, were the most difficult for him to watch.

“Still going through missing her and not having her here,” Brown says. “I wasn’t able to sit through the visual part, them filming that.”

Following the success of The New Edition Story in 2017, The Bobby Brown Story details the singer’s entire life, from his Boston childhood through the present. The Grammy Award-winner says he agreed to produce the biopic because he feels the press has misrepresented him, especially, he feels, through reports that he abused his former wife, Whitney Houston.

“The stories that’s been told about me are untrue, are false, so we’re just correcting everything that, you know, the press has believed about me,” Brown says. “That’s the basic reason we did this film, was to be able to tell my side of the story.”

Brown does not deny he’s struggled with alcoholism and drug abuse. He says facing those problems were necessary for his personal development.

“I’ve been through ups and downs and some of the things I’m not proud of,” he says, “but in order to get where I am right now, I had to go through them.”

The 49-year old has been married for six years to Alicia Etheredge, and they have three children, and Brown says now he’s enjoying his life.

“I have bad feelings of some of the choices I’ve made, but no regrets,” he adds. “To regret something is to not learn and grow and I’ve been able to grow and I’m happy right now.”

The Bobby Brown Story airs tonight and Wednesday at 9 p.m/8 p.m. Central, on BET.

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