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Bobby V explains why hip-hop is more popular than R&B


Scott Gries/Getty ImagesAs the dominance of hip-hop continues, crooner Bobby V says knows why R&B is losing its popularity.

“We are no longer being conditioned for real music,” the Atlanta singer tells “We constantly are hearing rappers singing. so if that’s all we hear all day so that’s all we are going to know.”

Originally known as Bobby Valentino, Bobby V hit number one with his first three albums; his self-titled release in 2005, Special Occasion in 2007, and The Rebirth in 2009.

He regrets how hip-hop has completely overshadowed rhythm and blues. 

“I grew up on R&B,” he says. “If you don’t grow up on certain music you not gonna want to hear it. Conditioning wise, we don’t want to hear it. That’s what it is.”

Bobby’s latest album, Hollywood Hearts in 2016, was the soundtrack of the BET movie of the same name which he starred in with Benzino and Lyfe Jennings.

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