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Bubble blows up: Rihanna invades your multiplex today in ‘Valerian’


Daniel Smith/STX EntertainmentRihanna Navy, get hyped: your girl is landing at your local multiplex this weekend.

The singer stars in Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, a sci-fi epic from director Luc [Luke] Besson, based on a popular comic book series.  Rihanna plays Bubble, a shape-shifting alien.  She says when Besson described the part to her, she was hooked.

“Sci-fi movies are always really fun and this one has such a modern twist,” Rihanna says. “There’s a lot of reality in this world that’s not real, and that’s why I think I was [attracted] to it.”

Rihanna also liked working with Besson, the director of The Fifth Element, The Professional and Lucy, because she says he gave her a lot of help on set.

“He is very patient when it comes to working and directing me because I’m very new to the movie world and he’s very considerate of that,” she explains.  “He knows exactly how to get what he wants out of you and that’s what a director is.”

As for Bubble, when we first meet her, she’s being forced to perform for patrons in a space cabaret called Glam Club.

“She’s in this place and she has to perform and the thing that makes her feel free is her performing, her being an artist, her becoming whatever and making people happy in that way,” says Rihanna of Bubble. “She’s an entertainer…She’s very sensitive about her art, as all artists are.”

Rihanna’s previous films include 2012’s ill-received Battleship, and the animated movie Home, in which she voiced the main character.  She also had cameos in Annie and This Is the End.


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