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SEX On The First Date?

Hmmmm!  So is it ok to have sex on the very first date?  Well maybe it’s something that you’ve done before or maybe it’s something that you would never do!  Does it depend on how much you’ve communicated on the phone or social media prior to meeting?  Will you have any regrets afterwards if you… Read more »

Quiet Storm Quote Of The Night ~ “Love In My Heart”

So often I fail to tell what I feel about you, Although my heart would like to narrate tales, Can’t gather my courage when I see you, Trembling inside, not knowing what should I say. But words can’t really explain my love for you, That awesome affection I have about you, It’s overwhelming me that… Read more »

Rihanna Advocates for Global Partnership for Education

In a newly published article in the Guardian, Rihanna expresses her desire and passion to give children around the world equal access to quality education and health services. Rihanna first joined the Global Partnership for Education back in 2016, in which she is apart of a multi-year partnership advocating to ensure girls and boys in… Read more »

Kanye West On Season 44 Premiere for SNL

Saturday Night Live returns on September 29th and they’ve took to Twitter to announce some really big news! Kanye West and actor, Adam Driver, will be the Season 44 premiered guests. This news comes on the same day as SNL won seven of the 21 Emmy nominations selected for. Big day, big news. #SNLPremiere… Read more »