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Celebrities Cindy Crawford and Nate Parker Remember Prince on His Birthday


Vince Bucci/Getty ImagesToday would have marked Prince‘s 58th birthday and in honor of the late great music legend W magazine interviewed Cindy Crawford and Nate Parker among other celebrities about their encounters with the music icon.

Crawford remembers dancing with Prince during a night out with friends. “I was out at this club called Nell’s on 14th Street in New York, dancing with my friend and all of a sudden there was this litte-er person that came and started dancing with me. And it was like, ‘Oh, like that’s Prince.'”

The supermodel continues, “And then cut to not that long after and someone was like, ‘Do you know Prince wrote a song about you?’ And it’s on the Black Album, which I still have, and it had a song on it called ‘Cindy C.’ And it’s pretty racy too. And now I know what was going through his mind as we were dancing.”

Nate Parker recalls Prince’s eccentric attire and flamboyancy during a recent NBA game.

“He came in and they were like, ‘Ladies and Gentleman, Prince!’ and he came in and had on, I want to say like a purple ice skating suit, zipped all the way up to the top, or something. And he had on like peacock green heels and he came in with his cane and he sat down and looked out the side and he looked out the other side.”

The actor continues, noting that although the musician was confident in his risky fashion, he seemed to have fun in watching others react to it.

“Prince does this thing where he smiles that he lets us know he’s in on the joke, he knows. He fly, he’s cool, but he also knows he’s performing and he knows you know it.”

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