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Chanté Moore on R. Kelly: It’s easy to be in a position to judge when you’re not in the midst of what’s going on


Ra-Fael BlancoOn a recent episode of TVOne’s Sister Circle LiveChanté Moore gave her thoughts about the numerous sexual abuse allegations against R. Kelly, as well as the #MuteRKelly movement. 

She begins, “It’s easy to be in a position to judge when you’re not in the midst of what’s going on.” 

Using the superstar’s first name, Chanté then adds, “Robert has had a way of coming through these [allegations] hit record by hit record by hit record. We get mad. We get upset. We want to mute the music. Y’all ain’t muting the music.” 

“There’s a judgement that happens, but we’re just judgmental people sometimes,” she continues, “Especially because all the media and all the industry is just so quick to attack. But if these young ladies are over twenty-one, they are responsible for what they’re doing.”

She adds, “If you don’t wanna be on R. Kelly’s [tour] bus, don’t get on the bus… it didn’t just start that R. Kelly had some sexual deviancies in there somewhere. We all understand that that is the truth of him.”  

Chanté’s words caused some fans to both question and lash out at her on social media. 

One fan wrote on Twitter, “Chanté Moore is about to get so much backlash,” while another tweeted, “Chanté Moore said you CAN’T #MuteRKelly [laughing face emojis].”  

R. Kelly has been accused of sexual assault and other misconduct against young girls over the years, though he’s never been convicted of a crime and has refuted all claims. 

#MuteRKelly movement, designed to convince companies and others to stop doing business with and otherwise supporting the singer, has been gaining traction in recent days. 

In addition,  Spotify decided to discontinue playlisting R. Kelly’s music this week, while a source at Pandora told The Blast that the streaming service would no longer “actively support” his music. 

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