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Chanté Moore wants to inspire fans by singing from the heart


Ra-Fael BlancoIf there’s one thing Chanté Moore wants you to feel while listening to her music, it’s inspiration. 

The R&B singer tells ABC Radio that she wants to “inspire people…by singing from the heart.” 

“What’s coming from your heart really does reach other people’s hearts,” she says. “And I think you can tell that.” 

“You can feel it in the substance of when you’re listening…I have to sing something that’s real to me. And I want to inspire people by what’s going on and…be as transparent as I can in my music.” 

Chanté continues, “I want [my fans] to know that no matter what you’re going through, someone has been there. And if you’re where I’ve been, you can make it. ‘Cause if I make it, you can make it. It’s not all glamour and lovely times and sparkles.” 

“It’s about striving and really [putting your] nose to the grindstone,” she adds. 

“It really is about not accepting what people give you, but trying to make a way and trying to push your way through and surviving.”  

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