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Christina Milian Talks Recording Honest Songs, Working with Snoop Dogg


ABC News RadioLast week saw the release of Christina Milian‘s brand-new music project, a four-song EP called 4U. After hiring her own team and recording four music videos, Milian tells ABC Radio what she hopes her fans appreciate most about her project.

“I was aiming to give my fans a reality of my life and of love and my perspective on falling into love, just the place that I was at and they were all songs that were very honest and I’ve definitely grown up a lot,” Milian says of her first project since 2006’s So Amazin

She adds that she’s become more vulnerable since then. “Once upon a time, when I wrote a song it could have been a little bit more vague,” the singer says. “Now, I have real experience in life and the relatabilty factor is  much higher now, especially for the four-song EP and I stuck to four because I was like, ‘Let me keep it small and contained and real.’ And give the fans what they want so that’s why its called 4U.”

The project includes a guest feature from Snoop Dogg, who raps on “Like Me.” After releasing the accompanying music video, C-Mili  says the rapper was perfect for the record.

“I’ve always been a big fan of Snoop and I just think his whole persona, his voice is just so distinct and I’ve been living in L.A. for 20 years now and I feel like he’s a representation of Cali swag,” she says, before revealing how quickly Snoop hopped on the record.  “So when I wrote ‘Like Me’ and recorded it, I was like, ‘Oh Snoop would be perfect, his voice I can just hear hm on there.’ So I literally called him that day and he told me to send him the track, that night he got on the track and sent it back to me the next day.”

You can download 4U now via all digital retailers. The set also includes Christina’s ex-boyfriend Lil Wayne on “Do It.”

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