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Ciara as Excited for Upcoming Album, Jackie, as She Was for Her First Album


Epic RecordsCiara has been in the industry for more than a decade, and yet she still feels the same excitement as she did when she started.  As she gears up for first solo tour in six years and readies her upcoming album, Jackie, arriving next month, the singer is looking forward to enjoying the ride.

“You know, what’s so cool about this chapter and phase of my life and career is that I’m the most excited that I’ve ever been,” the singer tells ABC Radio.

She adds that the energy surrounding her next project is very similar to that surrounding her debut effort, 2004’s Goodies. “It reminds me of my first album with the excitement that I had with my first album, because it was my opportunity to really share with the world my vision; and at that point no one knew me but I was a young girl with big dreams and my dreams were coming true,” she says.

Despite the busy schedule ahead of her, Ciara says that she intends to appreciate the process this time around. “What I’ve learned to do, while you’re dreams are coming true that you really have to soak it in. And now what’s happened to me is that I have more wisdom now, and so I am just so excited because I’ve also grown up. It’s just a whole different thing right now and I guess it’s also becoming a woman, makes a world of a difference.”

She adds, “So I’m excited by the next chapter, I think its going to be a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to the many new things that I’ve still yet to do.” 

Jackie arrives May 4.

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