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Ciara explains how Black music, in particular, has influenced the whole culture of music



On her Apple Music showLevel Up Radio, Ciara shares stories about her career and motherhood, and examines music’s cultural impact and evolution. On the most recent episode earlier this month, the R&B singer discussed topics such as the history of Juneteenth and celebrating Black Music.

“I got to do a really cool episode where we talk about how a lot of the genres of music were inspired from African music,” Ciara tells ABC Audio. “And it’s amazing to know how much black music, in particular, has influenced the whole culture of music.”

The “Rooted” singer says it’s “pretty amazing” to see the creation of new genres of music, which she says “all goes back to the origin of African music.”

When asked about the significance of annually celebrating the musical contributions and influence of Black artists in June, Ciara says Black Music month should be celebrated “all the time.”

“It’s definitely exciting to be able to celebrate,” she continues. “To have a moment to intentionally celebrate, because it should be celebrated all the time, right? Great music and just understanding the origin of where music comes from, where a lot of music comes from. It’s always a celebration, in that regard.”

“But it’s an exciting month, and on my show we got to talk about like the history and kind of give you a couple of educational nuggets in the process, which was really cool,” Ciara adds. “It’s really cool to have a platform to be able to amplify the specialness of African music and Black music culture in general.”

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