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Ciara Talks Celibacy, Denies Telling DJ Not to Play Future’s Music


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Ciara has been vocal about remaining celibate with her Seattle Seahawks boyfriend, Russell Wilson. But how do they do it?

During Ciara’s visit to Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, the singer revealed how they keep it steamy without actually engaging in the act.

“He’s so beautiful, honestly. It’s so many great things about him that keep me intrigued that I am so good at the base of what we’re creating right now,” she explained. “I think what’s so cool about it is that it allows us to create a foundation and a friendship with each other.”

Ciara reveals that she has big plans for her NFL boyfriend. “I really believe that if we can get that strong — we both believe, not just me — we both believe that if we can get that strong then we can conquer everything with our love,” she added.  “So that’s the mission and let me just say, it’s hard now. He’s so beautiful.”

As her relationship with Wilson grows, Ci Ci continues to clear up any speculation regarding her ex-fiance Future. The singer went on to deny the rumors that she’s asked a Seattle Seahawks’ DJ to avoid playing the rapper’s music from at practice or during pregame warm-ups.

“I don’t make any requests to the DJ and honestly, I think the people wanted to blow his statement out of proportion,” Ciara says. “No one’s trying to control the DJ, so that’s basically what I have to say about that.”

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