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They Coming for Kamala With All Kinds of Lies


Ooooo weee, no sooner that former VP Joe Biden announced U.S. Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate, the Internet trolls started having a field day, from questioning her birth place (California by the way), to trying to link the fierce former prosecutor to a conspiracy that has been debunked over and over and over again.

Users in dozens of QAnon groups and pages posted about the rumor that Mrs. Harris is connected to a child-trafficking conspiracy known as PizzaGate.     It’s the same mess that plagued the Hillary Clinton campaign and shot down time and time again.

PizzaGate is a crazy theory that Hillary Clinton and Democratic elites ran a child sex-trafficking ring through a Washington pizza restaurant. “According to the rumors about Ms. Harris, she is tied to the conspiracy because her sister was invited by John Podesta, Ms. Clinton’s presidential campaign manager, to a “Hillary pizza party” in 2016.”  

Can you say “cray cray?”

The falsehood reached up to 624,000 people by Friday morning according to the New York Times.

Meantime, QAnon is a conspiracy that there is some dark contingent within the White House who is looking to bring down Trump basically. And you want to know what’s really scary, several QAnon members have advanced in presidential primaries this year and could be headed to Washington. #Yikes!!

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