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Craig Robinson, Jermaine Dupri recall their humorous encounters with Prince


Frazer Harrison/Getty ImagesTomorrow marks the first year anniversary of Prince‘s death. Although there are still many unanswered questions about the music icon’s untimely demise, two of his celebrity friends, Craig Robinson and Jermaine Dupri, are remembering lighter times including their humorous encounters with the singer.

Robinson, who was invited to one of Prince’s “infamous after parties” by his Peeples co-star, Kerry Washington, says meeting the legend was a moment he’ll never forget.

“As soon as we got in, Prince like fluttered by [us] ,” Robinson tells ABC Radio making a fluttering sound. “So about five of us went over and said hello. And I jumped in and said, ‘Hey, hello, I love you!’ and jumped out the way. It was like, ‘Hey, hello, I love you,’ and like boom! Aww, man I jumped. [And] he just looked amused.”

Robinson later remembers the time he danced with Prince on stage. However, the actor wasn’t quite prepared for what that actually entailed.

“Now, here’s what I didn’t realize… I was going to be up there for nine minutes,” he explains. “At two minutes in. I danced harder than I ever had so… [After] two minutes I’m sitting there going, “I. Need. A. Break.” But I can’t break in front of all these people… because, all these people!”

Dupri also had some one-on-one time with the music legend. Unfortunately for Jermaine, Prince cut their time short — after the producer went off script.

“I was asking him questions about records that he made in his earlier years…I was cursing… and he was like, ‘You can’t keep using that profanity in my house,'” Dupri says. “I couldn’t stop because I’m like, ‘Yo! Do you know who the F you are?’ And he was just said like, ‘You got to get out my house.'” 

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