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Dak Prescott Signs Mega-Deal With The Dallas Cowboys!


Dak Prescott has signed a four-year contract with the Dallas Cowboys worth an estimated $160 million!

Prescott who held a press conference this week to announce the signing also put to bed any speculation that he is not healed from his season ending injury.

“I thought about jogging out here and jumping up on stage, but I don’t know if you all are ready for that,” he said. “I’m healthy, and I thank you all for the support. I thank the Cowboys nation and everyone out there who was praying for me — sent their condolences — that’s a feeling that I will never be able to put into words: to be in a hospital bed, not knowing really what is going to happen, just coming out of surgery and getting all of that support from family, from coaches, from former coaches from teammates and the Cowboys nation and even a lot of you.”

Congratulations Dak!

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