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Dave Chappelle calls Daniel Caesar very gay during John Mayer’s Instagram Live show


Scott Legato/Getty ImagesDave Chappelle was asked to apologize to Grammy Award-winning singer Daniel Caesar after an incredibly awkward drunken exchange on John Mayer’s Instagram Live show, Current Mood.

During the recent episode, Caesar served as Mayer’s musical guest and was introduced to Chappelle for the first time. When Mayer asked the comedian’s opinion about Caesar’s talents, Chappelle blurted out a very insensitive joke.

“Yeah, very gay,” he said smiling. “Hunh? I’m sorry, did I say that out loud? I’m just kidding.”

Chappelle continued, “Daniel Caesar’s a musician from Toronto that I just met tonight. Um, black — I got jealous. I didn’t know if John had other black friends. I’m teasing, Johnny, you have a ton of black friends. But, he’s amazing and he’s the musical guest tonight”

Chappelle’s attempt to gloss over the crude joke didn’t sit well with the singer. Although Dave attributed his behavior to alcohol, Caesar could be heard asking off-camera, “What the f*** was that?” and protested interacting with the comedian.

Mayer then attempted to smooth things over by attempting to coax an apology from Chappelle, who at first seemed reluctant to say he was sorry.

However, Chappelle eventually caved, speaking highly of Caesar talents and politely reminding viewers that he’s a comedian. Caesar later admitted he was being overly sensitive, a statement with which Dave quickly agreed.

Thankfully, the two were able to end on positive note, with Mayer adding a few thoughts.

“Sometimes the gears in your head move super fast and the wrong things get shot through the gears,” John said, to which Chappelle exclaimed, “Whoopsie muthaf***in’ poopsie.”

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