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Demetria McKinney plays the character of herself this time on debut album, Officially Yours


ABC RadioThe wait is officially over:- Demetria McKinney‘s debut album, Officially Yours, is out now.  

The Bobbi Kristina actress tells ABC Radio that the disc, which took several years to develop, is all about “owning who I am” as a person, as opposed to the people she portrays onscreen.  

“I’ve played so many characters,” she says. “Super blessed. Very humbled and honored to do that. And I’ve gotten an opportunity to tell everybody else’s stories. I’ve walked in a lot of shoes. But when you go out and you present Demetria, people don’t know who she is.”

She adds, “Officially Yours had to be named that because it was my first time presenting myself as myself.”  

Demetria adds that both she and the album went through some growing pains.  

She explains, “I’m a totally different woman now. I’ve grown. I’ve learned a lot. I’ve experienced different things. I’ve toured with a couple more people, so I’ve gotten to grown into the woman that I am today.”  

The entertainer says the experience of making Officially Yours, as well as appearing in various TV shows, has “been an altar unlike any other.”

“I’ve had to grow a lot,” she says. “I’ve had to become a lot more progressive.” 

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