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Did Mariah Really Go Crazy After Fiance Played Crazy In Love?


ABC/Randy HolmesEven if this Mariah Carey story isn’t true at all, it’s actually somewhat believable — and hilarious.

The Fix, an Australian gossip site, reports that Mariah’s billionaire Aussie fiance James Packer really messed up when he attempted to set a romantic mood with her recently.  An “insider” tells the site, “To get her in the mood last month, he turned on [Beyonce’s] ‘Crazy in Love’, and oh boy, was that a disaster. Mariah threw the computer that was playing it via speakers out the window! Seriously, just trashed it.”

Not only that, but the insider claims, “She ran out of the room screaming. So the night was obviously finished for James, and they retreated to separate parts of the house.”

Another source tells the website that another time, Packer put on Jennifer Lopez’s “Waiting for Tonight,” which caused Mariah to throw a fit. He soothed her by switching to her own greatest hits album.

“He has learned never, ever to play another female artist in the house,” dishes the source. “It’s either Mariah, jazz or classical!”

It was recently reported that Mariah insisted on having her own music playing not long ago when she and Packer dined in Capri, Italy.  And by now, you’ve heard her ex Nick Cannon’s claims that they used to get it on exclusively to her music.

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