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Donnie McClurkin shares why he feels Kanye West is doing God’s work


CamDon Music/RCA InspirationWith the release of his eighth studio album, A Different Song, Pastor Donnie McClurkin is focused on his next mission: to help bring other generations to church.

However, the Grammy-winning singer tells ABC Audio that the way to do that isn’t by telling others to come to church, but rather by bringing the church to them.

“Church was never made for people to come to,” McClurkin says. “The church is made to go to people.”

McClurkin explains that some church folk even miss opportunities to grow their church because of their own “insular” way of thinking. The pastor uses Kanye West as a prime example of a missed opportunity.

“Kanye is no different than me coming to know God, or anybody else coming to appreciate God,” he says. “And when religion starts saying, ‘Nope, you’ve got to qualify this. How do I know that you not still talking about you, Yeezus?'”

“Religion somehow kills what God wants to do in its infancy before it can become,” McClurkin continues. “And I’m looking at Kanye and his thing is, ‘All I want to do is represent this change. I want to represent this love of God.'”

And so McClurkin believes that God specifically chose Kanye to help.

“Who is going to reach them?,” McClurkin says, referring to the generations that have yet to know God. “So God says, ‘All right, being that you all seem to have forgotten what your mission was. Hey, come here, boy. Who claims that you was Yeezus. Let me transform you and raise you up.” 

Donnie McClurkin’s A Different Song is now available on all the usual platforms.

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